Octoberfest and Chico

added on: October 21, 2011

Last Saturday our Anaheim Hills Rotary Club raise about $10,000 that we will be giving back to the local community and  internationally, this  was a great event! We had a Weiner Dog Race and Chico was one of the contestants. Chico was a rescue dog with non functioning back legs. The employees at Home Depot custom made this wheel chair like device for him so he can walk. The amazing thing about Chico is, he doesn’t realize he’s handicapped, probably because know one ever told him. Even with out the use of his back legs, he gets around just fine. I think Chico represents a lesson we can all learn. People have all kind s of handicaps, mental, physical, cultural, racial, emotional, the way we were raised, what neighborhood we were raised in and on and on. Just like Chico, we need to stop making excuses and move on in life. As I watched Chico, he reminded me how fortunate I am, things could be a lot worse. So despite our excuses and baggage, we like Chico need to move on and stop blaming others and  for our misfortunes. Let’s all look ourselves in the mirror and “Just Make It Happen”, no excuses. Join me in “Keeping your feet on the ground and reaching for the stars.” !! Take Care.

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