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added on: June 6, 2018
Dr. Darren Chu - Darren Chu DDS in Anaheim Hills
Darren Chu DDS

Dr. Darren Chu

My Journey in Dentistry

Years ago, there was a very well respected dentist in Orange County. He had a very successful dental practice, showed a true dedication to excellence and demonstrated a true passion for the dental profession. He also had a 14-year-old patient that used to admire him and look up to him as a mentor. In fact years later, this dentist influenced his 14-year-old patient to become a dentist.

This is where my journey in dentistry began.  I was that 14-year-old patient. And now, I can’t believe I’ve been in private practice for 33 years. Where did the time go!

You’ll experience why my dedication has led me to be selected by Consumers Research Council of America as one of “America’s Top Dentist 2013 – 2017”.

2017 Top Dentist Badge

How Were Dentists Selected

Consumers’ Research Council of America has compiled an accurate list of Top Dentist throughout the United States by utilizing a point value system. This method uses a point value for criteria that they deemed valuable in determining Top Dentist. The criteria that were used is as follows: experience, education, continuing education, board certification and professional association. The dentist that has accumulated a certain amount of points qualified for the list. No fees, donations, sponsorship or advertising were accepted from any individuals, professionals, corporations or associations. This policy was strictly adhered to ensuring an unbiased selection.

And not only that, it has been an honor to receive “America’s Most Honored Professionals“.

America's Most Honored Badge

How Do America’s Most Honored Professionals Decide Which Professionals Are The Best?

This distinction is awarded for continuous professional recognition, an accomplishment realized by the top American professionals. All qualifying public recognitions of excellence are certified by the american registry and include significant mentions in the press, honors by recognizing trade groups and acclaimed recognition by peers or clients.

While I am extremely proud of my accomplishments as a dentist, I am much more concerned about how you feel when you come to see me. I have worked very hard to make our office welcoming and comfortable, as well as our dental procedures an easy process. My philosophy is to treat people the way I would like to be treated. This is why I make it a point to stay compassionate to your needs and to stay informed of all the latest dental techniques. I have been fortunate in the fact that I can say my profession is my hobby. I am confident that the first time you meet me, you’ll understand my passion and love for the dental field.

—Darren Chu DDS

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  • Family, Golf, Running, Going to the Gym, Movies, Snow Skiing, Nice Dinners 

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