Anaheim Tooth Colored Fillings

added on: September 19, 2015

Do you have a mouth full of silver? Do you hate to smile because people see the silver in your mouth and know how many cavities you’ve had? There’s no need to be embarrassed by your cavities when you can have them replaced by Dr. Darren Chu with Anaheim tooth colored fillings.

If you had cavities filled in the 1970s, chances are they were filled with mercury and not Anaheim tooth colored fillings made of porcelain. You were probably told at that time that you were getting silver fillings, and the word mercury was probably not mentioned. What they didn’t tell you was that your silver fillings were most likely made of 50% mercury. You probably remember being told to be very careful with a thermometer as a child, because it contained mercury, which was something you needed to stay away from. Yet dentists all over the country were using this poisonous compound in your mouth and barely mentioning it to you.

If you’ve had lots of cavities, chances are you have lots of silver amalgams in your mouth that are loaded with mercury. As those fillings get old, they can begin to leak mercury into your system. If the leak is really bad, you may end up with high levels of mercury in your body, or even mercury poisoning. Autopsies done on people with Alzheimers have shown very high levels of mercury in their body, and this is just one example of what excess mercury in your system may do. Having your fillings checked by Dr. Chu is a good idea, and replacing mercury fillings with Anaheim tooth colored fillings is an even better idea. So call 714-637-8003 and make an appointment with Dr. Darren Chu, DDS to be sure you don’t take any chances with your dental health. Be sure that everyone in your family comes in for regular dental checkups because good health begins with good dental health.