Anaheim Smile Makeover

added on: July 25, 2015

If you have crooked teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, missing teeth or any other dental problem that is keeping you from smiling, it may be time for an Anaheim smile makeover with Dr. Darren Chu. First and foremost, you need to take a serious look at any real problems you may be having. A thorough exam by Dr. Chu will tell you whether you have any cavities to deal with, any gum diseases to handle or any other serious issues that may be dangerous to your health if they’re not taken care of properly.

Once you have all the regular dental issues taken care of, it’s time to look at why you might want an Anaheim smile makeover. Maybe you have teeth that are badly stained or discolored. If that’s the case, a teeth cleaning by our experienced dental hygienist would be the first thing to do. If you still aren’t happy with your smile, you might want to try dental veneers to cover up the badly discolored teeth. If you have missing teeth, you could consider dental crowns. And if you have more than a few teeth missing, a dental bridge may be what is needed to fix your smile. Dr. Chu can help you decide what procedures you need for your own personalized¬†smile makeover.

It all comes down to balance and aesthetics when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. If you don’t like what you see, there are many ways Dr. Chu can help you fix your teeth. If you see big gaps in between your teeth or spacing that is different from one side of your teeth to the other, those are things that can be taken care of with a number of dental procedures. If you happen to have very short teeth, there is a procedure that can be done to lengthen your teeth. If you have teeth with a lot of ridges on them, you can have them smoothed out. No matter what makes you want to stop smiling, talk to Dr. Chu about it and he will have an answer that may include a wonderful Anaheim smile makeover procedure to help you smile again. You can reach Dr. Chu’s office at 714-637-8003 to make an appointment with his friendly staff.