Anaheim Senior Dentistry

added on: October 24, 2015

The older you get, the more apt you are to forget to see your dentist regularly. Many people think they don’t need dental care once they retire, but there’s really no time in your life that you should stop going to the dentist. That’s why Dr. Darren Chu is an advocate of Anaheim senior dentistry. Making sure your teeth and gums are healthy for your entire life is more important than many people realize.

As you age, you’re looking at a higher potential for gingivitis, periodontal disease and potential problems with dentures. If you tend to forget to brush and floss every day as you get older, gum disease is a real possibility. If you find that you have red, swollen gums, you need to call Dr. Chu right away and get in for an exam to prevent any serious issues from developing. If you still have your own teeth, swollen gums may be a sign of a problem with the pulp of a tooth. If that’s the case, you may need a root canal therapy to take care of the infection in your tooth. Dr. Chu can take care of root canals for you too. It’s all part of the Anaheim senior dentistry we offer.

If you happen to wear bridges or dentures, they need to be checked just the same as your original teeth did. Regular Anaheim senior dentistry checkups are even more important to your overall health in older age than they were when you were younger. Because of the way your oral health affects your entire body, the older you get the more you need to make sure you take care of your teeth and gums. So give Dr. Chu a call at 714-637-8003 and make an appointment for a checkup today. Don’t let dental problems go and take chances they will affect your overall health.