Anaheim Dental Sealants

added on: October 10, 2015

Taking your kids to the dentist on a regular basis is something most parents realize is a smart move. Making sure your children have strong, healthy teeth is the way to make sure they keep them for the rest of their life. But sometimes your family genetics come into play and your children pay the price for it. Extreme tooth decay can run in families and create problems for many generations. Sometimes the cavities are caused by the type of foods that are served through recipes that are passed down through the generations. Sometimes the tooth decay runs in the family line. One thing you can do to help save your children from all those cavities is to come to Dr. Darren Chu for Anaheim dental sealants.

Anaheim dental sealants are generally applied to the back teeth where the majority of cavities are found. The first thing that’s done is the teeth are professionally cleaned in our Anaheim dental office to be sure we’re not sealing in any bacteria. The teeth are then sealed off from the rest of the mouth so no saliva can reach them and prevent the sealant from adhering to the teeth. The surface of the teeth is etched slightly to condition them and the sealant is applied and cured with a light to make sure it sticks. Procedures may vary, depending on the needs of the child, but the basic concept is to protect the surface of the teeth they chew with to help prevent future cavities.

The main thing to remember is that you can depend on Dr. Chu for all your dental needs, including Anaheim dental sealants. Dr. Chu can take care of everyone in your family, from the youngest member to the oldest member. Whether it’s pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, root canals and everything in between, you can count on our Anaheim dental office to have the answer for you. Call 714-637-8003 and make an appointment with our friendly dental staff today.